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Set in the Sighisoara Medieval Citadel, the guesthouse 'Casa Georgius Krauss' wishes to create a technical infrastructure consisting of all technical facilities and utilities required for all tourism services, including accommodation capacity, catering, recreational means, communication means, technical infrastructure.

UNESCO-listed, the guesthouse 'Casa Georgius Krauss' keeps in its actual appearance an image completed in the second half of the 20th Century.

The name of the guesthouse comes from Georgius Krauss, prominent historical and cultural character, which wrote several chronicles about Sighisoara and the history of Transylvania, who lived in the house. This is mentioned outside the building by a commemorative plaque, placed by the municipality with the occasion of celebrating '400 years - Georgius Krauss' during the German Culture Week in Sighisoara, 20.05 - 03.06.2007.

„Casa Georgius Krauss”, a historical monument and UNESCO site, located on 11 Bastion Street, dates back to 1600s and is centrally positioned, across the street from the Catholic Church, two minutes away from the Central Market, the City Hall, the Clock Tower - Sighisoara Citadel main touristic objectives.

The guesthouse is included under the category of boutique-hotels because it excels in particularly design: the emphasis is on detail and specialized services that lead to the classification of the guesthouse into the small-luxury hotels category type, the business strategy focusing on three priority areas: modernization, diversification and specialization, all in an effort to substantially increase the quality of services to the more and more exigent customers.

The Structure

In the basement is located the restaurant, with a capacity of 45 seats, the kitchen and the technical spaces.

Arranged in the building's cellar, the restaurant use massive wood. Suitable successfully to both business meetings and romantic dinners because of its configuration. Private booths are created by the arches of stone and brick. The guests may want to try fine food with a spectacular design, along with quality Romanian wines, this being certified by the Sommeliers Association of Romania. Given the restaurant's capacity and the fusion gastronomy we can offer, it is suitable for successfully organizing the meetings, parties or other celebrations for our guests.


The ground floor consists of Reception, breakfast room/conference room with a capacity up to 40 seats, desk, luggage storage and safe, and a bar with a capacity of 30 seats.

The Reception of the boutique-hotel features unique marquetry furniture and offers our clients various and superior quality service.

The breakfast room, along with our restaurant offers adequate cuisine to the exquisite customer, modern and open to novelty. The particularity of this room is a fresco dating from 1655, discovered on the left wall of the room. This creates the appropriate environment for organizing cultural evenings and piano playing evenings.

The bar keeps the same style with the furnishing of the guesthouse, not lacking solid wood handmade furniture and decorated with intarsia. It is the ideal place where you can enjoy fine drinks with a quality cigar, and various coffee-based specialties, also quality Romanian wines.

„Casa Georgius Krauss” has its own personality, its 9 rooms offering a capacity of 20 places; each accommodation unit is unique in terms of the ambient resulting from the furnishing, volumetry and design.

The unique design is also reflected in massive wood furniture, handmade and hand-carved, part of it being manufactured in Italy. In the rooms you will find unique pieces of furniture, with marquetry and chandeliers from the renowned Italian firm Murano Luce.

The attention to detail and guest enhanced convenience is also evident in how the bath are arranged, clad with travertine and granite; each bathroom is original in terms of area and sanitary ware, most bathrooms being equipped with floor heating, bathtub and panic button.